SBC: Week#4 Free Choice: iPhone Ten (X)

The iphone ten (x)…

The iPhone ten (x) is sooo amazing! The new look finally a refresh, not that I didn’t like the designs that were made from six-eight. I just really enjoy this new look. That A11 bionic chip is SO powerful it’s the most powerful phone in the market, Apple did a great job with it. The phone comes in three-four gigs of ram and it’s still the fastest phone. While (No offense to Android users. Android is pretty cool too) Android phones are coming in eight to nine gigs of ram which is pretty cool but the iPhone is just so fast. The camera is great! The pictures are crisp and vibrant in colors, the portrait mode is super cool. That bexeless display is awesome! Plus that OLED display(Organic LED) is bright and has more accurate colors, on top of that the display can reach to a pitch black color which is pretty cool. With that bexeless display there’s no home button 🙁 nor touch ID they have replaced it with Face ID which it supposes to be more powerful and better than Touch ID. Back to that home button. To escape apps, there is this dock/ line on the bottom to exit or to swap apps by sliding the line right to left. Now here’s one big thing… Wireless Charging. Wireless charging is added to iPhone ten! This means that you can charge your phone without a cable and can just place your phone on a wireless charging pad and BOOM it’s charging. Well, there’s only one more thing for me to say. R.I.P. Headphone jack.

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